Work Permit

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Students have the opportunity to earn credits through outside work experience (having a paid job).

For more information, please feel free to contact your Work Experience Coordinator for Pioneer.

Sign saying WORK PERMIT


Work permits are obtained in the main office.

Please start the process in the main office. 


Below is some helpful information about work permits:

  1. Work Permits for regular students (form B1-4) have to be signed by an Assistant Principal.  

  2. Work Permits for Work Experience students need to be signed by the Work Experience Teacher, not the Assistant Principal.

  3. All Work Permits expire after 5 school days of the following year. For the 2017-18 year,
    that date is August 21, 2018.

  4. Minors that do not need work permits:

a. High school graduates
b. Four years past 8th grade in private school
c. GED
d. Employed by government agency
e. Certain parent owned businesses (domestic house cleaning, agriculture)
f.  Unpaid training, volunteer, or internship

 5. Minors who do not qualify for a work permit:

a.     Students who are not in compliance with school requirements
b.     Truant students
c.      High school dropouts
d.     Students without a social security number (a physical card is not necessary)

 6. The Administrator who assigned the work permit has the power to revoke it.