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Parents: Active, Involved, ExcitedTop of Page

Raising the Bar In Our Student's Lives | We are dedicated to partnering with the most valuable asset, you.
Every student comes to Pioneer Continuation High School with a story, and hurdles to overcome.
We realize that parents play a significant role in the success of every student, and
we want to partner with you so that we can continue to educate every student for success. We know the recipe for success and we recognize that everyone plays a part: Our Job, your job, the student’s job.
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Student Life, Positive LifeTop of Page

Our Team is 100% Dedicated to Your Success | We are excited about making your experience a positive one.
Students here at Pioneer Continuation High School have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events designed to prepare them for a successful future and to interact with the community in a positive manner. Some examples of student life events we offer to our students are career week, basketball, and TEAM PHS (campus wide activities similar to intramural competitions). We believe that as we engage each other in a positive manner (staff and students) we can pass on the skills necessary to function in society. Skills which enable our students to get and maintain jobs, as well as develop positive personal relationships. Please check our Student Life blog to see what’s happening on campus!

Core Group PAC – Our Core Group PAC is a group of motivated Pioneer students who want to have a positive impact on our campus! The Leadership Crew has helped create and fuel many of the positive student activities on our campus such as the Block Party Bash, as well as our Pioneer clean up work days.