Go Card

How Can You Get The Go Card? Top of Page

Anyone is eligible, but can you reach it?
Go Cards are issued to students who are in good standing in regards to the following areas:
  • Academics - No "F’s"
  • Earn 7.5 Credits every 3 weeks
  • Attendance - No unexcused absences or more than 2 tardies per class
  • Behavior - No suspensions or referrals

What is a Go Card?Top of Page

Go Cards are the way Pioneer Continuation High School reward our hardest working students.
If you have a Go Card it means that you get special privileges such as:
  • Leaving Campus at Lunch
  • Early departure for Lunch (5 Minutes early)
  • Monthly Go Card Drawings
  • Go Card Rewards - every Friday receive your choice of a free snack from our Go Card Snack Bar

How often are Go Cards made available?Top of Page

Go Cards are made available
approximately every 3 weeks.

How do I lose my Go Card?Top of Page

Go Cards will be revoked if you are tardy to class after lunch, resulting in a three day suspension of the Go Card. A second offense will result in having the Go Card revoked until the next evaluation period.
Remember, everyone is eligible.
To get the printable version, click here.